Let's Get Spicy

Why Manda?

I'm a real person like you with an imperfect body, crazy brain, "average" life.. 

I'm not a model nor am I one of those mean girls 

I have years of experience with photography in all kinds of ways from baby portraits to music festivals, and all the weird things in between

I know what it's like to not feel deserving of pampering myself especially for photos and how hard it is to convince yourself otherwise

I am super down to earth and real with all my clients, I'm an artist and a real human, not a fancy photo brand

I always put client's needs and desires first. Safety, comfort and privacy are of most importance 

I have the experience to show anyone how to bust out poses and tap into their authentic sexual side 

I love love love showing every day women they are stunning enough to be pieces of art just as they are 

I am inclusive and provide special sessions for Gender Affirming and Sex Workers   

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